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Thread: looking for LCD ideas for a Grand AM GT

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    looking for LCD ideas for a Grand AM GT

    it's looking more and more like i'm going to have to have the 1.5 din in my Grand AM custom molded. and quite frankly it scares me, mostly cause theres not a whole lot of room between the A/C controls and the HU.

    so from what i see, i'm left with four options.

    A) if there is a way to get the trim cut out a little more to a full 2 din. i could go with a 7"

    b) if i have to, i could move the A/c down, try to go with an 8"

    c) go with a retractable screen that'll fit in what i have, but with the ETS and Hazard lights sticking out about 1/2"-1" over the Radio i'm not sure if the screen would have enough space.

    d) and some more.

    any ideas? right now i'm looking ot map out what i'm going to do in january with my tax return.
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    Grand AM GT
    7" touch screen
    1.3 ghz laptop (win XP)
    replacing the stock sound.
    red ground effects
    wireless keyboard, mouse and remote.
    GPS,Bluetooth,Wi-FI,FM tuner.

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