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Thread: overhead console??

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    overhead console??

    i want to make an overhead console to put an extra screen i have laying around. what would be the best way to go about doing this?

    that's not my car, but the same headliner. i currently don't have the opening in mine.

    i think some sort of flip down would be cool also, especially if i could carpet it so when closed it would be completly hidden.

    any input from the pros??

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    Well iwas all about helping yah till you said pros so anyways i would make a mold from MDF or cardboard or something like that and then cover in Fiberglass and bondoit to the shape yah want then paint or carpet!
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    I would cut a hole just wide enogh for the screen, then tuck it up as much as practical & facing rearward..... bracket this to the steel header, phase 1 done...

    phaze 2 becomes building a housing/cover.... can't know what needs to be done really until phase 1 is completed....

    I've done several front overheads this way.... always works out nice... it helps if you want perfect, to take the headliner out... gives you much better mounting options & helps with perfect placement....

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    anyone else have input on this??

    i'm thinking this is my next project if i can figure out how to do it!

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