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    Ok i have no cup holders in my car, so before doing my carputer im going to attempt that

    Basically what i figured i would do is make the holes for cup holders like the rings they give u with speakers, and attach them to the side with round piece of wood like the guy at

    and basically do the same thing for both cupholders and the hole for the Gear switch... and then put fleece over that and fiberglass it all?

    does that seem like it would work or what??

    Here are some pics of what im working with (AND YES I KNOW I HAVE THE STUPIDEST DASH EVER MADE)

    inside1.jpg <--inside of car

    insidecar2.JPG <--inside of car

    insidecar3.JPG <--inside of car

    insidecar4.JPG <--inside of car

    insidecar5.JPG <--inside of car

    factory1.JPG <--facory piece

    factory2.JPG <--facory piece

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    if im understanding what you want to do it should work fine also if you dont want the cupholder enclosed you could make it more like a cup holder you would find on a boat the ones with the circle cut out and another circle cut out below but still opem it would make it a lill easier to fiberglass although im not sure how it would look also what size cup holder are you looking at? you could also check out canadian tire or if your from the us im sure you have simular stores where you could buy an aftermarket cupholder for 6$ or so and just glue it to the project and then fiberglass or bondo over to make it look as stock as youd like

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    i could buy an aftermarkey one but i cant find any that would fit in that area as i have limited space

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