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Thread: Fabbed a custom .063 aluminum case for my VIA - *PICS*

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    I definitely have a double DIN model for your Ford, in fact I have probably made more of the DD ford chassis than any other model. Here's a pic of the ford chassis shown with the ford metra trimkit attached:

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    Thats a nice looking case.
    I need to make sure it'll fit in my truck. Any chance I can get the dimensions for the case? This is a picture of the current radio install.

    Here is a picture of the dash without the radio.

    The hole in the dash is 7-3/16 x 3-9/16. However as you can tell I have a little wiggle room. I can file off the little tabs to make a larger radio fit. Only problem is those tabs are what the radio install kit attaches to.
    Very poor design, I have to mount the radio into the dash, then install the dash, radio, and wires.

    Thanks for your help

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