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Thread: Custom track ball shift knob

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    Custom track ball shift knob

    I'm taking a hand held track ball and an aftermarket shift knob and combining the two. Here's a few pics of the creation....Just scroll down our web site and you'll see my progress pictures. I will be updating my page frequently.

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    Eh, reminds me of the other one that has been done here.

    I'm just wondering how well you are expecting this to hold up on a stick shift car? All novelty shifters that I've ever installed on my beater have broken to ****. I can't imagine having a faster car with a crappy shifter....I'll say about 3 days (or until you try to race an Evo/STi) until it breaks.

    The other shifter that was designed here was for an automatic.

    Looks good tho...

    Man, your guys website is hilarious! Are you all in high school?

    Aight well to begin things off bout this car and driver well, lets just say craziness. This dude was freakin chasin down one of my homies (not knowing) cuz he passed him at the lights in the empty lane makin a turn. Needless to say well Doc hurr got bout it, bout it and passed his *** on a 3 lane boulvard (35 Speed Limit) in the middle lane which was a turn lane Hualin ***. Yea no joke boys and girls thats how U.T. does it. What what! Check who you nex before you flex, cuz we don't play by Your Rulez, We Play By Ours.
    The exhaust is beefy and the blow off well you'll jus have to hear it. Mean SRT-4s up in this club so be careful if you try rollin up on any one of them. Might just be the last SRT-4 you ever roll up on.
    Man, maybe I should submit my beast for a sponsorship to Sport Compact Pro

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    I'm sure it will hold up longer. We'll see. Our web designer is into creative things. It changes all the time.

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