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Thread: need some design help from you guys

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    need some design help from you guys

    I purchased a hpx-700 dsp processor, looks like this:

    i remolded my original modified dash and put this right below the screen and above the ac controls (cramping up the screen a bit)

    This is just a little too cramped for my tastes, though it doesn't look horrible, i'm not sure i'm 100% digging it. (i'll have to texture it before i make up my mind) compared to my orig modified dash:

    So i'm exlporing other options on how to get all this gear into the dash. I'm thinking about hacking up the stock a/c controls, putting the vfd display, the temp knobs, the auto button, the mode button, and the fan speed buttons in the opening below the screen and then putting the rest of the buttons horizontally molded into the area right in front of the shifter.

    Now i'm asking for your crazy/clever ideas to help me brainstorm. I'd like to make it remain as oem looking as possible and that dsp processor is just killing me! i dont want to get rid of it though and I'm not up to hacking that thing apart (the a/c controls would be easier to hack up, so that is an option)


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    Guess I would lose the air vent with the hazardlights button, you don't need that in a convertible

    BTW, love your bike, drive a 1100 myself
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