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Thread: Lilliput bezel broke away from console

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    Lilliput bezel broke away from console

    I don't have pictures, but during my trip into work this morning, my lilliput broke away from the plastic putty I used to connect it to the center console of my car. The plastic stuff didn't detach from the console. Did I do something wrong? Do I need to apply some sort of adhesion promoter to the bezel of the lilliput? Did I not have a thick enough layer between the console and the bezel? I'm not all that worried about it - I'll just sand down the stuff again and try it over. I did notice when I sanded the last time there were places I sanded the finish right off the bezel. I'm wondering if I needed to do that everywhere because it looks like that is much more pourous than the finish of the bezel. Should I use fiberglass, or the abs sludge type stuff? Not a bad lesson to learn, just a temporary set back. Thanks!

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    I think pictures are needed to help out your situation. Did you only use bondo to attach the bezel to your dash? regular bondo(body filler) is not supposed to be used to hold things together, just to fill imperfections. You might want to look at fibreglass reinforced filler.

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    You have to thoroughly sand EVERYWHERE any adhesive, primer, paint, etc. is going to be applied.

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