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Thread: Peugeot 106 Screen Bezel

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    Peugeot 106 Screen Bezel

    Hi All,

    This is the Bezel i made for my Pugeot 106, for those who dont know what a Peugeot 106 looks like (Americans ) Below is a link to a Peugeot Fan Site.

    You are talking about a 1ton car with 125BHP (GTI Model) Standard..

    And finally here is my bezel, Thanks to the Guys from for the help esp with the advise on working with ISOPON (Bondo).

    This is my first attempt at any such mod..

    Primed 6 Coats and a Wet Sanding After Each..

    The Final finish was a Gloss Black, a Peugeot 106 is a Satin Black Finish, i plan to repaint when its convenient, this was the only paint available at the time..

    As you can see it was quite close fit as i wanted the orginal case back to work on this, also this had to be fabbed within the dash space with minimal work space... Fitted Pictures to follow...
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    Nice work. I got the best results matching my flat black textured dash by building up a light top coat of flat black and not sanding or finishing the coat at all.
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