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Thread: Fiberglassing over a vinyl dash

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    Check that its open cell foam and not closed cell. If its closed cell it wont soak any resin up and it will just sit on the surface. Also check with a little bit of resin in a bit you cant see just in case the resin dissolves the foam.
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    I spent a bunch of time on the guage cluster to figure out it wouldnt work and started another one a diff way instead of trying resin tonight. Im going to try and start that tomorrow. Is there a method or adhesion spray I can use if it is close cell?

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    if you take off all the foam/vinyl you will find that you have a quarter inch or so to play with in the actual build up of the dash, (which would give you the clearance neccessary for fleece,glass,foam pad,vinyl) making all sorts of different shapes for gauges screens clusters easy, its just a matter of mocking it all up where you want it to go, drafting some bezels and fleecing them.

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    I would personally take that dash and try building the gauge pod ontop of it, or worst case scenario, buy a new dash and buy the AIT gauge pod...

    the dashes for your car are fairly easy to acquire for about $100-150ish. and the gauge pod off the top of my head i don't remember. What year is it?

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    Thanks for all the advice. I got a lot of the dash fiberglassed. The glass and resin seem to bond well to the dash foam thank god. I got the guage pod fleeced out, but after reading some more topics on here I might look into the renshape foam.

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