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Thread: Fabricating an in-dash lcd in a Ford Escape

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    Fabricating an in-dash lcd in a Ford Escape

    I'm just about ready to start my project but I'm having trouble planning the lcd install. Here is my issue, I have a '01 Ford Escape which has a Din and a half opening in the radio bezel (7 1/2" x 4"). The problem is that 3/4" behind that opening is a smaller opening (7" x 3 1/2") that basically holds the radio in place. I do not want to cut the inner ring so if I sell the car, the next owner can easily replace the factory radio. My question is how far will a lilli, xenarc or dynamix lcd pertrude past a flush mount on the radio bezel. I do not want to go the retractable screen route, but I may have to depending on the boards response. Thanks.

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    Take a picture of the inside thing. You can probably cut off a half inch of the ring if the slots that the mounting "arms" grab onto are far enough back.

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