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Thread: Flip-down Monitor

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    Question Flip-down Monitor

    Anyone here ever done a DIY install of flip-down monitor ?
    I'm particularly interested in the "plywood-for-bracket" approach.
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    wrong forum for this..

    completely wrong thread anyway, better posted in the fabrication forum..

    but what is the question? how to do it? or.., you want some ideas?

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    door hinges for your pywood frame . use a doorknob to keep it inplace until you're ready to use it. Add a deadbolt to prevent theft. Just kidding. welcome to the forums and as FC3S said, Fab forum. Also a great place to start looking. You'll get many ideas from there.
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    thread moved.
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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    Have a look at what I have developed for a sollution to mount a monitor and keep your factory electronics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tyman View Post
    Have a look at what I have developed for a sollution to mount a monitor and keep your factory electronics.
    can you post some more pictures? like how is that hinge attached and whats keeping it from falling down if you hit a bump
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    Here's some other pics. As you can see the fulcrum and hinge hardware is inside the monitor case. The tab (top right of radio) is what holds the monitor in positon with a magnet. The hinge uses friction material to profide resistance when in motion and it can stop at any angle. The hinge has a stop built in to not allow it to go past horizontal. The shift handle of the vehicle (05 gmc) will move foward towards driver to allow monitor to fold. Place a pad of papper on it and it looks like some sort of table hiding the fact that it's a monitor. This install is a prototype and we are working on the production models. This has by far been the most difficult part of any installation. Where to mount the monitor and keep everything else in the vehicle stock. The end user can remove the system and reinstall in any new vehicle without damage.
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