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Thread: Help with cutting the buttons off a Xenarc

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    Help with cutting the buttons off a Xenarc

    I need some help trying to fit the LCD into my dash. The screen is larger than the opening in the dash and i can do 2 things, either fabricate an entire new dash panel to fit the screen or slice off the bottom part of the screen housing. I dont yet have my screen but i do have a couple of extra front casings of the LCD. If i cut off the buttons then it fits just perfectly and i would prefer to use this approach.

    It was relatively easy to slice off the bottom of the casing i have but i wanted to know how hard is it to do it with the actual screen. I have seen some pictures of the xenarc from the inside but its hard to see if the buttons are located on a separate PCB that can be removed or is the entire electronic assembly a single unit. Could someone guide me the info or pictures that detail how to cut up the screen of the Xenarc ?

    I saw the sticky thread about relocating buttons but thats using a different screen.


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    anyone??? i have the same question

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    i had the same problem, the buttons are on the main pcb, not a seperate one like the littliputs so i had to make room for them.
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