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Thread: how to: make a factory bezel

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    It was really phenomenal job if I am correct. Do you suggest any book or reference too?

    thanks really. You save time and life

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    Which texture is that, looks great
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    hey nexson, I get my texture by varying my spray techniques... the same way you have to try & lay out a flat even coat, if you try to lay out a textured coat you can do it with normal paint even... this particular bezel is with sem trim black... I spray further away so it's dry, this adds texture, then I also have a technique of holding the can upside down & shaking it while spraying... this aerates the paint & also causes it to atomize pretty badly, which is also a good way to produce texture... with a spray gun similar can be done by varying the air pressure & distance... play around with it & eventually you'll be able to create & control your own texture...

    this bezel is finished, haven't had time for final shots till now but here they are... this looks like a simple bezel & pretty small but it was a bit challenging as far as bezels go, I've built some larger & more complicated ones that winded up easier than this one... the incompatibilities of the plastics was a major obstacle here & the DVD slot gets kinda tedious, but the final product is 100% & it is still flexible & has all the properties of a factory piece in the end... I did let it cure for about 2 weeks & then sanded it & refinished again... this allows for all final shrinkage to occur & makes sure that the end result is perfect & durable...
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    few close ups & from behind all welded back togeather...
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    That's absolutely beautiful workmanship and craftsmanship. It looks not just completely OEM, but hand-crafted OEM with attention to detail, like I'd expect in high-end machines. Wow.
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    all i can say is "WOW"
    your work is amazing!!!!

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    Thats some fine work buddy!

    Can I ask, how do you get a brushed metal look?

    Here is my center dash board with the brushed metal finished which is the OEM factory that I plan to modify.

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    dude...i need something done like this for my 06' maxima...can you help me out....?

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    Quote Originally Posted by turbocad6 View Post
    I attach this by cleaning both side edges (left & right), then very thin double sided tape to hold everything in alignment, you can see the thin red tape backing sticking out from the top in one of the shots... this is so I can slide my insert into possition without the tape sticking to it, then pull the red backing out & attach in the correct spot... I then epoxy from the rear.. I haven't completed this last epoxy step yet, so I left the last post for those pictures... I might be able to finish this tommorow...

    the 2 materials used..
    My setup is different. I want the screen to stay complete and look like a headunit type thing. There isnt much I have to do, but make some parts raised flush with the screen. Which of these products would I use? Can I use the 3M or should I use the stronger one.

    Also can this be used to fill in the two large gaps on the side? The screen would not be part of the dash, how do I get a flat edge without the 3M or what not sticking.
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    Where did you buy the aluminum wire mesh?

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