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Thread: how to: make a factory bezel

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    read this whole thread and id have no problems doing this using the factory radio/ dash bezel and the bezel form the lcd but..... im using an lcd from a dell mini laptop and i don't have a bezel for the lcd. any advise on how to create a bezel for the lcd that i can use to mold into the stock radio bezel of my 03 dodge 1500 truck.

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    Hi! First of all I wanna tell you very very nice work and walkthrough..
    I'm used to use fiberglass for things like this because dynatron is quite impossible to find here in Italy. Does anybody know an online shop that sells it?

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    Turbocad, thanks for this writeup. You do awesome work!!

    I have a question about surface finish of plastic. A lot of OEM bezels now have a soft-touch plastic finish. Do you have any advice on how to achieve this type of result? At first thought I think of using plasti-dip, but that peels of really easy. What technique and product would you suggest to get this type of result?


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