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Thread: Megalo's 1st fiberglass project, kickpanels(worklog)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BDVirus View Post
    hmmmm so i bought some elmers resin, and chop matt for experimental purposes to see what working with glass is like, and get used to it before i do any custom work in my car

    bought a pair of safty glasses, a basic 3m mask (gonna be outside and not exposed for long periods, so for now it should be fine i think.... only one or 2 days total and each day only like 15-20 min at a time then let cure, add some matt, let cure, rinse repeat
    with 45 min to 1 hr in between) it is fiberglass rated btw, brush, gloves, and some acetone.... im gonna get a respirator when i actually glass in the car but the place i went today only had one and i wasnt a huge fan of it (was over priced and seemed like crap lol), and its gonna be outdoors with a fan at least blowing over it so i think ill be fine for short term use at least lol (correct me if im wrong tho, and ill get a respirator before i start lol)
    You'll still get high off the resin. Its worth the $30 bucks or so, trust me. If you can smell the resin at all your exposed to the fumes, the regular "SARS" mask wont work. I worked outside with a window fan blowing over my working area and it still was a fuming mess.
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    Yeah, the resin fumes are nasty as hell, respirator is the must

    you might get away with respirator, and gloves when laying glass, but you should have a full suit when you sand, grind and cut glass

    remember your skin pores breathe too, so technically you get exposed, but when you are outside, it's not really a big deal, but you should know the dangers of it

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    I bought a canister mask aka respirator yesterday from home depot for like $31. I can say it seems worth it, i can breathe easier with that than a particle mask

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    well since i forgot the gloves last nite, i gotta head up to the depot today anyways lol so ill grab a respirator then.... since i have work later tonight, i prolly shouldnt get high off the fumes before hand lol dont need a headache goin to work (i get enough of one while im there lol)

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