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Thread: How-to: Motorized, retractable LCD

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    My interest in this is to create a motorized screen that "hides" when not needed. I was already planning on trying to figure out how to do it, but since gohybrid already have a motorized screen, I figured that I could use the write-up and modify it to fit my idea. Oh well, I have plenty of time 'til completion, since I just started my project.

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    Wonderful writeup, hope you will consider doing the rest.

    I've been thinking about doing a lot of these features in my install. It looks great.

    Things I have been thinking about are:

    Putting the LCD on a swivel mount, so you can angle it a few degrees side to side and maybe up and down as well.

    I like how your screen folds down a bit when it comes out...that is what I am planning on doing, except having the dvd drive there, and not ac controls.

    I love the cover over the screen. I think that is the best implementation I have seen yet, and I don't think that has to be motorized, but it sure looks cool!! I would like to do something similar.

    How much space did the motorization take?

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    Quote Originally Posted by canadiandream View Post
    So I know there will be a lot of questions concerning how the LCD was motorized, but I will reserve a space to follow up on this in a future post. Also I will continue to fill in the details of the LCD housing as well.

    any updates?
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