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Thread: newbie Q: FG engine bay

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    newbie Q: FG engine bay

    just wondering, am i able to make a fibreglass cover to sit on the engine, IE: engine rocker cover, just to make it look more aesthetically pleasing.

    or would it melt, or is there another method i should use

    Regards TC

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    fiberglass hoods are everywhere these days... but as for something directly on the engine, the risk of fire is too great for me to ever attempt it.

    a metal pannel with heat resistant paint might be a good idea.
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    this has been done before many times on a showcar as well as regularly driven vehicles. No chance of it catching on fire barred you didnt do something really erratic

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    the risk of fire is too great
    Yeah, those twin turbo Lingenfelter Corvettes burn all the time :rolleyes

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    im gonna do the same thing but im still thinking of ways to mount it.

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    he said the RISK, not the 100% chance that it'll happen

    lol, i wouldnt put anything directly on the engine, just because it wont let as much ventilation..


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    what about like an engine cover like they have on the nissan vq engines?

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    my fuel rail covers are plastic. i have headers and internal mods to the engine...never had even a sag. the covers are also painted and clear problems there either.
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    You might check that out.

    I think if you bend a sheet metal heat reflector to cover the area that your cosmetic rocker cover might be exposed to and then attach the cosmetic cover to it you'd be in good shape. Just think of ways to dissipate and reflect the heat away from the laminate.

    Also take a good hard look at the MSDS for whichever resin system you decide to use. That should give you some degree of flammability information that you can use to decide if you're safe or not.

    it might be worth mentioning that heat resistant ABS (which is what most engine compartment plastics are) or in some cases HDPE have melting points of over 240F. Use that as a guideline. Also look at, they might have your particular brand of resin or plastic listed there along with it's properties.

    In any case it sounds like an interesting project. Will you keep us posted as to what you decide to do or any progress you make?
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    My plastic intake tube is right above my turbo manifold. That's all integral to my plastic engine cover/air filter box.

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