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Thread: in-dash touch screen mounted in 'hanging' position?

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    in-dash touch screen mounted in 'hanging' position?

    I've decided maybe to mount a pop-up touch-screen lcd monitor like this: the angled plastic surface just under the map pocket and radio, which you can see here in my 2007 prius:

    I want to mount it hanging from directly under the radio/map pocket section, not to the plastic "hump" that rises from the floor.

    When the touch screen flips up it will be in front of the radio, coming up to somewhere below the CD slot.

    Has anyone mounted an in-dash touch screen in this kind of 'hanging' position? Is there anything I should be concerned about? Any ideas on how to do it so it looks nice?


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    Good idea!

    Welcome to MP3Car.

    What part of Deigo are you in? I'm in Bonita/Chula Vista....



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    Metra makes a Universal Underdash Housing that you should check out. It's a great starting point for what you're wanting to do.

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