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Thread: Need help putting a Xenarc in a 350z.

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    Need help putting a Xenarc in a 350z.

    Hey everyone,

    I'm attempting to put a Xenarc 700tsv into my 350z. I'm using the 2003 cubby. Obviously I realized it has to come out of the case. With the ribbon coming out of the left side I can't seem to be able to fit the screen right... I always see the edges of the touchscreen. I'm thinking I'll have to dremel that side of the cubby a bit but if anyone who's put a xenarc in a 350z could throw out some hints I'd definately appreciate it.

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    i would visit LCD/display forum section read more about xenarcs, also there are people on this forum who has 350z installs i would look how they did it

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