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Thread: forumula for a good run?

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    forumula for a good run?

    just bought 20kgs of resin and 1ltr of catalyst. the only problem is that i dont know the proper mixture for these two. so if anyone has a good formula please tell. im looking to work 5 minutes in between small portions. so in other words 5 minutes to start hardening would be ok. ill get pix but dont know how to post of the metrials (brands). id have some pix taken say by tomorrow if it would help???

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    14 drops of MEKP per US ounce of resin. I have no idea what that'd translate to in metrics. This is for 10-15 mins work time dependent on temperature. Mixing something really hot runs the risk of compromising the integrity of the form.

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    im after working with half a ltr "500ml" each time im not too familar with "ounce".
    say half a ltr and starts to harden say 5 ten minutes after i mix the catalyst with resin???

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