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Thread: Mounting Fiberglass??? HELP!

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    Mounting Fiberglass??? HELP!

    Im relatively new to fiberglassing and ive fiberglassed a few things. But now i want to do a whole fiberglass dash. I want to do it in three pieces (passenger glovebox/cd player and air/ drivers side gauges). i know i can do the actual dash. The thing im not sure about cause ive never read a fiberglassing book. Ive just learned on my own. Was how do i mount the pieces in the car? i dont want to have screws showing anywhere. So how would i go about mounting the pieces? If someone could give me some advice that would be greatly appreciated.

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    Like a dog. Mount it from behind.

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    LMFAO yeah thats basically it tho....

    Well look how the old dash did it... you can usually use the same bolt points and design your fiberglass around it

    You can also bolt it with a normal screw and then create a snap panel to go on top....but thats more involved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow View Post
    Like a dog. Mount it from behind.

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