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Thread: Custum Fiberglass Work Needed?

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    Custum Fiberglass Work Needed?

    i have a 2000 Chevrolet BLazer 4dr... it currently houses a nice set of boxes in the rear... one box is a dual 10" sub box and the other is a custum built box holding 2 6x8 speakers... my system is entirely made up of pioneer... a note i should make is that i have not yet had them installed. they are just basically sitting in the back of my car not hooked up... i have 3 amps one smaller than the other 2...

    what i wanna do is have one big mold of fiberglass that goes in the back of my SUV. i want itt to house the subs and speakers like they are but also house the amps and making it possible to run the wires under it and showing just the amps...

    i have a rough crappy picture that i through together just as an idea... colors are different to establish seperate objects...

    picture is at:

    if you think you can do this or you want better details and measurments then please contact me... I need this relatively cheap compared to what i was estimated locally...

    email me at [email protected]
    Subject: Fiberglass Box

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    I'd guess you were quoted 5-700. That's about what you'll get from pretty much anybody.

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    where you at

    i am eager for more practice, i think i am pretty good with glass @ this point lately i have been just changing people for materials , and $15.00 hour

    R. T. F. M

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