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Thread: 9.0" Wide LCD in 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STi

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    Yeah, kind of like this:




    I was thinking more of a pivot point at the rear of the area (towards the glass).. First attempt will probably not be motorized.

    I still have to pop open the clock housing to measure the interior.. may or may not fit.

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    That's it! It looks the JDM one pivots at the rear of the unit as well. If you could make one of those, you could make some decent money off of it. The JDM one is not motorized either if I remember correctly.

    I would definatly be interested in one of those. A dedicated screen for nav/backup cam would be nice.

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    I popped open the clock housing, and took some interior measurements..

    The top of the dash opening would require some trimming to get the 9" LCD to fit.. about 1/4" to 1/2" on the left and right sides.

    Here's a lousy picture (where the heck is my GOOD digital camera? ...) of a paper LCD mockup on top of the clock insert.

    The paper cutout is an accurately sized copy of the LCD panel's dimensions.. +/- about 5mm.

    It'll take some creative engineering and some dash cutting.. but I think I could come up with a way to do the job.

    I'll work on the mounting for the radio area first, though..
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    Are you thinking about putting a touch screen up there? I have my hu there and thought it was a reach just to adjust volume. A local shop here installed a motorized dash (iva d300, I think) screen that pops up, then out, but that would be too easy and small for you, huh?... Would glare be a problem up there?

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    Easy? What's that?

    It'll be a touch panel, but it may be upgraded with transflective tech to make it bright.

    I'm not 100% certain I'll put the second LCD up there.. maybe off to the right of the radio, stored in the glove box..

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    man could someone explain what and how LVDS technology is used? i have no idea but i see it alot in conversations throughout the forum. i've grown curious as to what are the benefits over VGA
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    LVDS stands for Low Voltage Differential Signaling, and it's a electronics standard primarily used on laptop LCD panels.

    It's also a feature that's available on a good number of Mini-ITX boards, allowing you to connect a digital LCD panel directly to the motherboard.

    Usually the cable connections are quite short, but can be made up to 15' long.

    It's a rather advanced technology, and the difficulty lies mostly in obtaining the LVDS LCD panels themselves, and getting an appropriate cable made.

    It's rather easy to obtain good LVDS LCD panels, such as an 8.4" 4:3 aspect screen - has them for abour $490.

    It's rather more difficult to get a wide-aspect LCD panel, which is what I'm trying to do. The wide aspect panels are a closer match to most double-din radio openings... though a 9" wide one is large.

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    I played around with making a JDM-style pop up back when I had the RS. I had a mechanism that worked by having the top of the screen closest to the driver while down, and then slid up a track when opened. the screen pivoted from the top. It worked well by hand, but I never got around to playing with servos or linear actuators [new car]. its a tough area to work in with those damn ducts, though maybe theres some new stuff out there to make the motorization easier. i was using a spare 5.6" screen, which fit fine, 7" would have fit also, but 9" imo is gonna be tough without some cutting unless you come up with a unique method to get it to pop up from the bottom only (screw-type method perhaps?)

    this is an awesome mod though, and I plan on doing something similar in my current car which has a lot more room to work with and that makes my job easier
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    Yeah, the panel won't fit through the hole without some major cutting, which I don't think I'll do.

    Chances are I'll have to come up with some mechanism that places the panel on top of the opening, and flips it up.. but that'll be much farther down the road.

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    Upper Console LCD mechanism..

    Okay, I think I've figured out how I'm going to mount the upper LCD panel.

    It's going to have to rest on top of the dash opening a little bit, but since the opening itself is a little bit recessed, that'll be OK.

    Here's a super-classy rendition of the concept using Paintbrush.

    Edit: I should note that the diagram on top is a front view, and the bottom is a side view.

    The concept goes like this:

    The LCD panel is mounted in a frame, and sits face up on the dash with a hinge at the bottom of the panel.

    When the panel is closed, it is covered by a.. well, a cover.

    A servo mechnism opens the cover, and then raises the LCD panel into the vertical position.

    When the cover is in the up position, the sides will most likely have some triangle-shaped "wings" that pop open either down from the lid, or up from the base to fill in the area and to provide support for the lid.

    The mechanics of the mechanism are probably going to be powered by hobby servos, and the logic of the opening / closing are probably going to be driven by a Parallax Basic Stamp microcontroller.

    The servo driving electronics are actually pretty easy - here's an example circuit that I'm probably going to use:

    A little primer on servo control:
    What determines which position a servo moves to is called a PWM pulse, or Pulse Width Modulation.

    For example, a low signal, represented by __, is 0 volts.
    A high signal, represented by --, is 5 volts.

    A pulse would look like this: __--__

    So one servo position would look like this: __-----__

    And another would look like this: __----------__

    That's where the W in PWM matters.. not the frequency of the pulses, but how wide the pulse is between low signals.

    The circuit referenced above turns the single pulse width stream from the Basic Stamp CPU into something the servo motor can understand.

    Now you know.. and knowing is half the battle.
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