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Thread: Whats this stuff called please?

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    Whats this stuff called please?


    I am looking for a place to buy, or what at least this stuff is called:

    The outer black sheath; I have a bundle of cables I want to group together.
    I had no idea where to ask so thought I would start here.



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    Techflex is a brand, mind you. It's "braided sleeving", and there are other brands.
    On Techflex's website, you can request a catalog, and they include cool samples with it.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    Wire loom.
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    It's installed by default on every version of Windows.

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    I've also heard "braided cable sheathing".

    The more terms you have, the more options you will find to buy from.
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    673 would probably sell it, among other great things...
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    396 as well

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    Thank you all so much, I have now found some over here.

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    It's Industrial name is "Megamyte Sleeving"

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    I had already writen this when I noticed the OPs link to a power cord with a braided sheath so hopefully someone may find this info useful.

    About wire looms.
    Split Flex or Split Loom is split down its length so you can slip it over wires that have connectors already attached. This stuff is used in many cars usually in the trunk where wires could get damaged and needs to be flexible for door or trunk openings trunk where the wire has to flex with the hinge. Looks OEM and is quick on, quick off. Inexpensive at most electronics or electrical supply shops in many sizes.

    With Braid or Tech-Flex it's best to remove the connectors and use heat shrink tubing at each end of the braid to prevent fraying. Braid looks nice but is difficult to work with, frays easily and can get snagged. For really small wires there is a soft cloth braid that is used in electronics usually to insulate from heat or shorting bare leads - good stuff.

    Heatshrink is more for individual wires not for a loom but it is more of a permanent solution since once you've shrunk it, it has to be cut off with an xacto.

    Another type of loom is the spiral wrap. This coils around the wires and protects them from abrasion. This tends to bind the wires tightly so the loom may not be very flexible. There are hard plastic and soft plastic type wraps. The soft is common and is a pain in the ... to use and remove.

    Don't forget the zap straps

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