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Thread: Double DIN GTO Fabrication

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    Quote Originally Posted by fenix55 View Post
    I would really like to start working on getting a carputer going in my GTO. Who makes the kit that you installed? Any problems with install? How much would you say everything would run you?
    As for install kits, I used the Metra single din kit with heavy modification look here for a how-to Unfortunately, as of now, modifying a single din kit is your only option as there are NO commercially available double din kits. (there's a guy on the ls1gto forum "chimchim" who makes a really nice double din kit, but that'll set you back around 100 bucs)

    As for "everything" thats pretty broad, basic setup??? 300 for a touchscreen monitor, anywhere from 400-1200 for an itx pc... then another 40-80 bucks for a power supply? That'll get you started, but it's all in your preference/options you want.

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    PM me if you are interested in having a custom 2 DIN case made.... I have a few options for you

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