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Thread: Best adhesive for bonding ABS to ABS.

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    seems meant for the job. just do a better job of cutting so your fit is tight to begin with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by W3bMa5t3r View Post
    Is there something I'm missing here? I took a 1/2 tablespoon of tiny abs shavings and placed them in a ceramic cup, poured in about tablespoon of acetone and played with it for about 1/2 hour... they were just as hard as when I put them in, couldn't do anything with them... Am I just using the wrong plastic/abs?


    It should start melting inmediately, probably your plastic is not ABS or is a composite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cederron View Post
    It should start melting inmediately, probably your plastic is not ABS or is a composite.
    Ok, yeah I thought it was probably the plastic, probably not enough styrene in the mix or something. I'll try another that I KNOW is good ol ABS... I was just trying to use some of the plastic from what I was already working with...


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    Why did no one recommend JBWeld? I use it any time I need a strong connection, and you can get it everywhere.
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    JB weld doesn't stick to plastic well. Oh and never buy JB quick weld (the 4 minute stuff). I love JB weld for aluminum and metal adhesion, but JB quick isn't good for anything. It's bendy doesn't bond well and isn't chemical resistant. Quick steel works great for aluminum and steel as well. It just sits up faster then JB weld.

    For plastic. Everything I've used doesn't stick. I've however never tried the stuff that's mentioned on this site.

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