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as for the switches, i say the far left, like the last picture.

if i may say so, that looks nice. Have you done this before?
We're thinking along the same lines as far as the switches..that's where i decided to put them.
Here the thing in the truck, it fits good. The carpet is going to hide any imperfections but i might have to rethink the bottom brackets, i didn't think they would show that bad.

I appreciate and welcome your comments, this is my first time but i figured i give it a try since i have a bunch-a tools and stuff.

The console in this link helped me decide http://www.customclassictrucks.com/f.../photo_03.html I figured a "box" couldn't be that hard to make.

I think you should try your hand at it, start with the right size cardboard box and try to give some shape. The ugly think about the one in your example is that it's sitting in mid-air..IMO.

Here is the pics and more http://www.the12volt.com/installbay/...342&PN=2&TPN=1