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Thread: Looking for custom dash advice

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    Looking for custom dash advice

    I have a Xenarc 10.4" t/s LCD, and the dash in the attached picture. As I see it, I have two options: Customize the setup where the factory deck is, or put it in the cubby hole right in front of the gear selector...anyone got any ideas? I'd prefer to put it where the factory deck is..but I have ZERO fab experience.
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    the spot where the deck is looks like almost a perfect spot, but you might have to lose your vents. looks like it might be close. i had to find another place in my car because i didn't want to lose my vents either.

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    too bad you didn't go for the 7", would have fit in the head unit spot perfectly...

    However, with some work you can just relocate the vents

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    you could duplicate that whole trim piece (the one with the vents) and modify it for the screen and just mold in a duct for the air to go through. If the ducts are anything like the corolla's then you could probably accomplish that with some soft silicone tubing to make the connection betwen the vent and duct.
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