I am in process of fabricating my skin for the dash in my Accord 06.
I have decided to place it in the cubby underneath stereo. Currently i have a metra kit there. Planning on using the original cubby with open and close door to hide the screen in it.

Cubby doesnt have enough room to fit a screen in without cutting the compartment. If i cut it too much, the door opening and closing is at risk, which i do not want.
This is what that would look like:

If i remove the Lilliput frame, and take just the LCD itself, I can fit it in, by only cutting one side of the compartment. This will still allow good operation for the door opening and closing.
Now my question is, if i dont use the frame that comes with the LCD, in the front of LCD, does that give me any disadvantage over it?

Should i use some kind of foam between the screen and bezel.

Here's the thread of another Accord owner that has done a similar thing, but i dont feel comfortable cutting it so much.
2003 Honda Accord work in progress