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Thread: What do you think about hiring someone to do the custom dash piece?

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    Wow, looks great. I need to get on my dash install.
    Mike M
    2006 Accord VP Sedan

    My worklog

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    dude, the lines are straight, the curves are all symetrical, even & not wavy... the screen opening is crisp & square... it may look easy, but belive me, you got what you paid for, someone that knows what there doing will make it look easy, don't think for one second that you could have easily done this yourself...

    I'm not saying it's impossible, but untill you've put it on & take it off, put it on & take it off, & no matter what you do it looks like crap, you don't really know how hard it is to get everything looking crisp...

    looks great, good luck with it

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    Doing the same thing with my 96 GMC Sonoma.

    This is my radio.

    This is my car

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