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Thread: Where to deck civic assembly?!?

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    Where to deck civic assembly?!?

    I'm not sure where I saw this on this site or superhonda forum but, there was a link posted which was to a site where you could order literally any part in a civic. From engine parts, to the trim on the dash, the dash itself, interior door panels, the center console to the nuts and bolts which hold everything together.

    Does anyone know a site where I can get these parts, trims, and assemblies?

    I'm looking to get another rear deck to start cuting up and customizing. I got some new rear speakers however the tie bar on the trunk-lid supports make it impossible to house a speaker with a magnet any larger than a bear cap.

    So I need to cut the rear deck to house 6x9's that are sitting higher than the stock position.

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    there ya go. just click on honda parts online enter your car make model year etc..

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    I have ordered quite a few spare parts from here.
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    THis forum always comes through. Thx guys.

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