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Thread: Custom Case for Mini-ITX PC

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    Custom Case for Mini-ITX PC

    I am new to carputers, and i am in the process of setting up my car computer...

    I have a Mini-ITX Mobo (Via M10000), 120Gb 2.5" drive, a laptop CD-Rom (which i plan to replace with a laptop slot load dvd-rom or dvd-rw), M1-ATX
    I also have a PCI right angle Riser card that takes 2 PCI cards... I am tossing up whether to get a "decent" sound card (which i am not sure what to get yet) and whether i got for a PCI WiFi card or just a USB WiFi Dongle...

    Anyway to get to the point... Now I am considering building a custom case to go under my seat (yes I have read the FAQ about not putting the case under the seat, but in my case i feel its the best place). I am wonder whether to build it out of MDF or metal (aluminium or stainless steel). I am thinking that MDF is probably the best option as i already have the tools required to work with it, and i have had a lot more experience with MDF (setting up my sub box and false floor in my boot) than metal (pretty much 0 experience). MDF is also cheaper...

    Is there any reason not to build the case from MDF?

    Has anyone got photos of any custom cases they have built that might be able to give me ideas for any good ways to build the case (other than just a straight retangular box)

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    veritas forge makes great custom metal cases for cheap. great cases.
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    yeah...he has a great design that i showed him...i think i have to pass on it because my design wont do the case justice.... you should talk to him about it.
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    .063" aluminum and you won't be sorry. Its all I use for fabricating cases. Lightweight, slimline, STRONG
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    I'm using fiberglass in the glovebox to mount my components.

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    Hey Birdie just how much room IS there under the seat of the mighty Corolla Seca Conquest? Are you going to have the room for an MDF case? I would have thought that even if you use 10mm MDF you're going to run out of room in a hurry.

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