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Thanks for the pic guizai--

your right I have obviously not search for anything at all before I asked the questions. here is a thought If you don't the difference between them or know anything about it, then don't reply to it.
Just a thought tho.

Sense I don't know anything about corvettes I think I going to go to there forum and post some replys

Just another thought.
I already know what my car looks like. The reason why I posted it in the show your projects area, because *** now follow me here** because I was looking for someone who has completed this. Maybe I should have posted this in the power supply section

And that is why you are a god damned moron. The SHOW OFF YOUR PROJECT is for people to POST a completed project to show off. Just because reading comprehension escapes you, doesn't give you license to be a flaming ******* and cop an attitude. You should have posted this in OT or perhaps the fabrication section, NOT THE SOYP section. If you wanted to see pictures of screens installed in your car, then you should have asked for it, instead of "Looking for pics of 2004ish grand prix's ..."

Now take your attitude and stuff it up your ***.

Now, go back and finish high school, because you seem to not be able to express yourself in the english language, tend to skip words when you write, can't spell for ****, don't know the difference between "since" and "sense", your posts lack punctuation, and you have no idea when to use present and past tense.

Time to whore out your thread, because you obviously are not entitled to any help from anyone on this board. Do you REALLY think you are gonna get any help after you acted like a complete dick?