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Thread: Help - need ideas to cover console with carpet

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    Help - need ideas to cover console with carpet

    I want to put the monitor where the HU and EQ are now..

    Attachment 40065

    So i made a console to move the radio and EQ into..

    Attachment 40066

    From the beginning i decided i didn't want to spend the time sanding to get it good enough for paint, but now I'm having second thoughts.

    The carpet i had planed to cover it with is the same used to cover Sub boxes and i now came to realize it ain't very flexible.

    I'm at a lost how to do those rounded edges and if i have to use seams, what is the best technique.

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    I wasn't able to find any how-to's other than to cover the (square/straight) speaker boxes.

    Thanks for any comments/suggestions

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    Have you tryed heating up the carpet to make it more flexable? When I am upolstering somthing that I can not figure out, I start with a big peice of paper and use that as a template. When I mess up with the paper, I just make a new peice and try again.
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