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Thread: Where to find Indash housing for TFT screen ?

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    Where to find Indash housing for TFT screen ?


    I have allready an Xenarc 700TSV but as there's really no way to mount it in my new car, i'm after an indash-housing to go, where the radio is now (DIN Case)

    Where can i buy an empty case without LCD ? if i remember correctly, there was a place that sold them empty and you put the LCD in yourself.

    I'm quite a handyman, so no problems putting it all together.

    I'm located in the EU (Europe) so links to EU-based webshops would be cool.

    Where do you suggest me to look ?


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    DigitalWW used to sell an in-dash housing that could be adapted to a Xenarc, IIRC.
    I don't know if it still offered or not.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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