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Thread: headrest install?

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    headrest install?

    First, i did alot of searching that answered alot of my questions but not all of them. I have a 03 f250 with 1 peice(headrest built into seat, not adjustable) leather seats. I am looking to install a 6.5" monitor into the headrest and need some advice or links to install help. Does anyone have a write up on how to do this? I have read a couple on how to do this in an adjustable head rest and would think it would be similar but would like to find out a little more before cutting into the leather. Is there a metal bracket back there that will work ok or will it be in the way? Thanks for any help or advice you may have.

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    Anyone have any links to info on installing headrest monitors? Thanks for any help.

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    Large Headrest Monitors

    Quote Originally Posted by ponch37300 View Post
    Anyone have any links to info on installing headrest monitors? Thanks for any help.
    Hey Ponch37300,

    Not too sure, but this might help somewhat: How-To: Install Large Headrest Monitors



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