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Thread: Custom ipod holder?(new project+pics on page 2)

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    Quote Originally Posted by P3D4T0R View Post
    If you'd really want to build your own Id start here: After that you can make it look however you want
    SLightly OT but the interior in this link is an '88-89 Honda CRX.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AJ3000 View Post
    thats a real nice install there rudels!

    I'm currently building an actuator powered dock into my ashtray. what did you use to make the Ipod dock into your stereo? and did you use an Ipod dock plate, or did you just fabricate from scratch?

    anyways, killer install man, hope to see more soon!!
    im gona use this to make the ipod dock(my front loader has an "aux in")

    na... i didnt use a dock plate... just made one while building up the bodyfiller around the ipod... thanks for the positive feedback im gona try doing a fiberglass install in boot next... still doing research and saving up $ ill keep you posted

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