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Thread: Who is for hire?

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    Who is for hire?

    Hello. I need to hire a professional for some basic ABS work. I have a double din adapter that I want to fuse to the factory trim piece. Both pieces are ABS plastic. I want the two pieces to become one flush and smooth piece. Afterwards I am going to have the piece professionally coated with carbon fiber. The job should not be too hard, but I do not have experience and I need the piece to look factory. I can mail the two trim pieces out. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    dyeinbreed may still be doing it. He had a thread in the old classified a few pages in.

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    No, Im moving to California in 8 days for school. So at the moment until further notice my hobby has stopped. Sorry.

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    dont know how much hability you have with hands, but if you like to try, you should make a fiberglass mold of the 2 pieces a try to make then smooth and flush enough, and then when you feel safe you do it with the ABS pieces.


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