You will need the following:

.NET 2.0

Our Drivers (Windows XP Version)

When you plug in the Fusion Brain, you should see a screen like this:

Pick "No, not this time" and click next.

Pick Install from a list or specific location [Advanced]

Click Browse, and choose the folder where you unzipped the drivers you downloaded.

It should look like this while installing.

All finished!

Now we need to tell the software where to find the Brain. Right-click "My Computer" and go to Properties, then Device Manager.

Click the [+] next to FusionControls, then Right click and go to properties.

We will be putting everything after "USB\" into the Fusion software.

Open the folder containing the Fusion software:

Open the file using notepad, and change the part that is highlighted to match what we found 2 steps ago. Note that if you change the port the brain is plugged into, you will need to change this value again.