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Thread: What am I Doing Wrong?

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    What am I Doing Wrong?

    Oh help me..... lol I have to be close....

    I'm posting the images to show what I'm doing... I can get the FB to turn on... and I get the LED light to turn on but it will not close the relay.... or open it... but I think it starts open first.... (sorry I'm sure a relay's starting postion)

    Any way I have to be close... I'm just not getting something or not doing something correct... Please advise...


    Also I want to thank h3rk for all his help today... We got to be close man...

    I took off the other two wires to the light bulb...and the power...
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    ahhhh, the port and the lights don't correlate, that's what's going on. I'll post the link to the chart you need in a second.

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