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Thread: Coding Variables for multi buttons 1 on all others off.

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    Coding Variables for multi buttons 1 on all others off.

    I have the v6 FB.

    I have outputs 1-4 set to control relays. I only want 1 of them on at a time. SO... I would like to figure out how to set it up to allow for that. So if output 2 is on, and I press the button on the screen which would turn on output 4, I want it to somehow know output 2 is on, so it will turn that off before turning output 4 on... if that makes any sense.

    I wasnt sure if in FuseGL I would add them as buttons or variables, and if variables, how do I do that, because all that shows up in FuseGL under variables is ".../"

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    I responded to your other thread, but look here:
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