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Thread: Analog Output Voltage

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    I have also thought about building a FET controller for higher amperage stuff. I haven't spent enough time on this to draw up a schematic though. The outputs on the FB are ground switched, so the circuit will need to work with that.

    I don't believe any code has been written for Linux.


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    Analog output would be a welcome addition. I just received my Fusion Brain in hopes to use it to control the HVAC in my vehicle. I also intend to purchase the eyeR Interceptor CivicModz has developed.

    It just seems analog output is required to overcome some of the automotive applications. Sure, constructing a resistor network can accomplish most of the tasks required, its just not many have the knowledge to make this happen. A simple plug and plug module would open the door to so many more applications.

    I see the dilemma in creating such a module, cause some people want to completely remove their HVAC control head and others just want to mimic the controls. I think mimicking the controls is the way to go. No need to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. Interfacing to the HVAC control head would allow it to be hidden still.

    Can this be developed for ease of use? And who will do it?

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    so would this be able to control interior light dimming. say for a timed event like after the door closes. or automatically dimming/brightening the interior guage lights or rearview mirror based on a reading from a photosensor?

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