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Thread: Outputs pulsing for some reason...

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    have you tried MX270's software?

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuickSSilver View Post
    No, there is only one version of MDX open. Still can't figure this one out...

    Maybe start from scratch with a skin with one button?
    Well I cant open your config file because I need a function you made for the battery converter as well as the images.

    Can you please zip up your entire MDX directory, exe and all, and post it here so I can test.

    Also what version is your MDX?
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    Quote Originally Posted by greenman100 View Post
    have you tried MX270's software?
    No, where do I find this? I've tried searching but can't find it.

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    VB 2k8 code by MX270a:

    I've been using it & it works well for v3 or v4 (but not with a v3 & v4 running at the same time - see my thread on .dll instances)

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    OK, I've found the problem!

    It seems as though if I only have two digital outputs and their on/off buttons defined in my config file the outputs pulse on/off when they should be triggered on.

    When I add all of the other (unused at the moment) digital outputs to the config file and set their default state to "off" the buttons work fine and the outputs stay "triggered". Strange!

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