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Thread: Relay dropping out momentarily

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    Perhaps. I am glad it is working again. I use the same bunch of relays that I squeezed together 4 years ago for testing all FB's before they leave my house. And they all still click, so maybe you "got a bad batch"... Anyways, it is working and if you're happy, I'm happy.
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    Same Problem...HELP!

    Hi... I have the same problem... I have bought 2 FB... Both of them made my relays click.. I have try with different power supplyes..12VDC...2A..5A, an same problem with both,,, I habe bought 2 diferent relays... the one you sell in mP3 car..25A 12VDC coil...and ones that I bought here in Chile... 7A 12VDC coil 50mA trigger..
    In both I have a lot of noice and they are not stable..

    Theres a Solution??? theres a special kind of relay to buy??? Please helpme..

    Sorry about my english...

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