something else i wanted to check which i only just remembered about... with the digital inputs and outputs, would it be possible to control an input using my headlight stalk?

as you may or may not be able to see from my avatar, theres more than a few spotlights on my land rover which are currently controlled by two switches, offering numerous modes of operation.

to be more detailed, they can be set to all come on with main beam, just the front spots to come on with main beam, and none to come on at all. on top of that, i can also switch the roof spots on completely independent of any other lighting for wading.

what id like to do is have the same setup but controlled from the pc, as it will save me refitting the switches (i've just rebuilt it, and have not bothered with the switches yet). so what i need to know is, is it possible for the headlight stalk to control relays via the pc, and have those relays selectable and also overridable?

sorry for all the questions.. im just working out all the gimmicky goodness i can do with all this stuff