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Thread: ir sensor possibilities i have questiosn about?

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    ir sensor possibilities i have questions about?

    I'm thinkin about adding a couple IR distance sensors to automatically close my windows and sunroof when the car is turned off. I plan on acheiving this by basically sticking the sensors somewhere that will effectively measure the distance of the glass from the sensor. Probable locations are inside the doors for the windows and inside the roof liner for the sunroof. the glass at its farthest point would tell the brain that the windows/sunroof are closed and a relay doesnt need to be triggered to close them. if the glass is anywhere other than its furthest point away from the sensor would tell the brain the glass is open, and i will have the brain trigger the digital output relay a timed interval based on the promixity found by the IR sensor. sorta like:

    -Sunroof is at its closest point to the sensor, turn on relay to close sunroof for 5 seconds to go from fully open to fully closed
    -window 1 is is roughly 75% of its closest distance to sensor, turn on window 1 relay for 3 seconds to close to go from 3/4 open window to closed window

    is this feasible with the fusion brain and ir senor combination. Seems easy enough. Does anyone have a pic of an INSTALLED IR sensor so i can get an idea of the size of it? Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Good thought... but there's a much better way, that the OEMs use.

    Put a current sensor on each motor... when current exceeds say 150% of nominal, the window is closed, so stop motion. This is how auto down/auto up bits work.

    btw, the IR sensor is the size of a golf ball.

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