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Thread: Tilt angle sensor

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    Tilt angle sensor

    I purchased a Clinometer to measure the tilt angle of something. Thought I'd post some details for anyone looking for something similar.

    Part number 824-02110002, MSI Sensors, Clinometer, Single Axis, Vertical mount. Price of $137 plus shipping.

    This particular sensor is good to 60 degrees either side of center. It has no moving parts, but does contain a fluid which is what is used to determine angle. Unfortunately, that also causes a "slosh" effect while bouncing, so I did have to add some averaging to get it to move smoothly.

    This sensor is ratiometric, so you give it 5 volts, and it will output 2.5 volts when level. Output voltage goes up or down based on which way it is tilted.

    Mouser Electronics Part

    Data Sheet

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    Also take a look at they have a dual axis inclinometer that runs 5v interface similar to that described above. Would be great for anyone with a 4wd interested in seeing the side slope angle or angle on inclinatio going down or up a hill.
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    Hey, I've been looking for something like this for my Xterra. I don't have a nice spot for analog gauges, but I have my LCD in that spot.

    What would you use for software interface and to display the date?

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