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Thread: Freescale Pressure Sensors

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    Freescale Pressure Sensors

    I don't know if these pressure sensors have been discussed. They are the Freescale series of pressure sensors (MPXHZ6130A as an example). They have three wires, +5 V, Ground, and signal. The signal is 0-4.8 VDC. This makes them a PERFECT sensor for the Fusion Brain. The one I am going to use is an absolute pressure 2.5 bar model. They are very accurate. It has a barbed fitting so it is easy to plumb. It will tolerate temperatures up to 125 Degrees C so it can sit under the hood (or cowling in my case). They have a bunch of models with various ranges. They have Psig and differential pressure types too. The best part is they are pretty cheap, around $12.

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    Good find
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    will these be capable of using on a air ride setup.

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    Air Ride? Only you know your system, only you will know if they will work. If they have the correct range and type then you can use them. They are designed for automotive use, mostly for measuring turbo boost. They measure pressure, you choose what to use them for.

    I am going to use them for coolant pressure and boost. Whatever you use them for they are perfect for input to the fusion brain.

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