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Thread: Where to buy sensors?

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    Where to buy sensors?

    I need to by the following 5v sensors for automotive use:

    Temp sensor (for oil and coolant)
    Pressure (for oil pressure)
    Air Flow Temp. (I don't think a regular temp sensor will work?)
    Vacuum/pressure sensor

    Any help on where to find these would be great. Obviously I could go and start ordering for parts stores but I need to have the output reference chart to convert the raw voltage to a value. Any help would be great.

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    Sorry, I found them

    I ended up finding them on Summit Racing's site. They call them "senders" and are designed for aftermarket gauges. Will work great for what I want to do.

    Anybody have some working gauges or sample skins I could start with. I'm really new at this and need some direction.

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    I would get the vacuum/pressure sensors from Freescale. See the other postings on the subject.

    Oil Temp sensor - a standard sensor from Summit Racing. The sensors are not linear, the temperature is proportional to the natural log of the resistance change.

    I don't know what an air flow temp sensor is (air flow? Temperature?) You can use differential pressure on the inches of water scale and convert to to a flow signal, but it is not a direct conversion. Flow is proportional to the square root of the differential pressure.

    A square root function and natural log function would be great additions to the configurator (hint hint).

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