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Hi, any chance you could reduce the postage cost to UK? I really need this thing but the postage is 30 dollars which is more than the actual product... I don't mind how long it takes to get here, are you able to help? Thanks
Unfortunately the postage cost is not something I have control over. What you see on the site, is what I get charged. I don't up-charge for "handling". If it says $10, I have to pay $10. The shippers give people that ship a lot of packages steep discounts. My full-time employer gets about 90% discounts and I can send something international overnight through them for less than I can send a box the slowest method domestically with my own business account just because the volumes are so different.

I am also answering you in a private email, but just wanted to post something here as well.

I can send via USPS First Class mail which is the slowest method with no tracking/insurance and it gets handed off to the local government mail service on the other side of the pond. Looking up the price, it comes to $12.75 to ship a small box to the UK via First Class from zip 80919 in the USA.

That's the absolute best I think anyone will be able to find that doesn't have a super awesome giant corporation account.